Meet the Edens Ortho All Star Team!

Meet the Edens Ortho All Star Team!

The staff at Edens Orthopaedics are the BEST and are there for you!

Here are some brief bios!

Stephanie: The captain of the ship and probably the first person you’ll meet at Edens. She has incredible experience working in the medical field in podiatry and orthopaedics. Stephanie will also schedule your surgeries (if needed) and coordinate with hospitals and your primary care provider.

Denise: With decades of experience with radiography (x-ray) in the cardiac and orthopaedic space as a licensed x-ray technologist, Denise will guide you through x-rays safely! You’ll see her in the office coordinating workflows as well.

Ben: Ben was a mainstay at Edens Orthopaedics and has been there since the beginning. He would coordinate any imaging or tests if needed for patients. We are sad that he has recently moved to Kentucky with his family, but of course we are keeping in touch via Instagram 😊.

Rosemary: We are SUPER lucky that Rosemary has recently joined our practice. She has been working in orthopaedics since 1993 and had a breadth of knowledge regarding all sorts of office topics. She is also a licensed x-ray technologist and you will see her checking in and checking out patients. She can answer many of the most difficult questions!

Amy: Amy will ‘pinch hit’ for us when we get super busy taking histories and coordinating care for patients. She will for sure make you feel better if we have to put on a cast 😊.

Grace: Grace is one of our amazing medical assistants and you’ll see her in the exam room. She’ll take a history of your problems or issues. Over the past year and a half she has amassed an incredible knowledge base and we have a patient compliment regarding her care virtually every office visit!

Andreas: Like Grace, Andreas is also a medical assistant and a recent graduate of Northwestern University. He has aspirations to go to Medical School and is learning a lot about musculoskeletal health as he works with us.

Theresa: She is the lead of the billing team and can answer any questions regarding insurance benefits and billing. Her team can be reached at (773) 598 7235.

Don't be afraid to ask questions and to ‘speak up’ if you have any questions or concerns. The staff is there to answer them. They are there to help you get the best possible care!