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Other patients testimonies were amazing and their specific, measured statistics showed that a substantial percentage of Dr. Saper, MD patients would return again and again.

» Anna H.

Staff is courteous and efficient. I was seen right away. Dr. Saper is knowledgable and compassionate. He is friendly but did not waste my time, which I appreciate.

» Gail S.

Very helpful and gave me the best suggestions that luckily didn’t involve surgery.

» Anthony P.

First appointment...so far- so good...i was seen right away...doctor and staff were very friendly and professional

» Timothy W.

Everyone was great. I feel like since Covid service has gone out the window everywhere. But not here, they were in top of everything even though they were busy, they were on time and I felt like I was being taken care of.

» Travis J.

Dr. Saper was kind and honest about me not needing surgery. Thanks! Would recommend.

» Elijah R.

Best ortho experience! Took me seriously and created a plan to address my exact issue.

» Leesa C.

Doctor was efficient and thorough. I felt very comfortable with him and staff.

» Kimberly P.

Excellent physician and staff. Very thorough and caring

» Kimberly P.

Great experience!

» Stephen E.

Good and easy appointment and polite doctor.

» Krishna Prashanth M.

He is nice

» Fathieh Y.

Dr. Saper was very busy with lots of patients. So that was a good indication to me he's a reputable doctor. He was extremely pleasant, caring, and understanding of my issue. I would definitely recommend him to someone who is looking for an orthopedic doctor.

» Lynda R.

Very knowledgeable, practical advice and diagnosis. Highly recommend

Dr. Saper and his staff are the absolute best. Cannot say enough good things about him and highly recommend.

Dr. Saper was great. He really took the time to listen to my issue and admitted when he didn't know something which I appreciate. He was very honest and made me feel very comfortable! Few doctors are as friendly as him.

» Tristan P.

Dr Saper is very knowledgeable with the most current sports med treatments . He also explains them well.

» Paul B.

Really felt comfortable in office & and with Dr Saper & assistants that were in the room He was very honest and upfront and kind listened to my on going medical issues and was very attentive to my concerns. Today I started a journey with Dr Saper as we work together & his team on a plan for better healthly Me. Thank you.

» Charise R.

Dr. Saber and his associate were both very friendly and informative. They asked a lot of questions to get to know my history, and provided helpful information for next steps. Dr. Saber provided me with his email to follow up directly with questions which is something not many doctors have done in my experience. I would highly recommend and will definitely go back if more issues arise!

» Amanda M.

Dr. Saper and his team of residents were outstanding. I had been without health insurance for a while, so I forgot how great it is to see a top of the line doctor. Dr. Saper was extremely knowledgeable about the knee pain I had been experiencing; and he even suspected that I'd have an off reaction anethesia based on me being ginger (I've had doctors look at me like I'm crazy when I bring this up). He and his team of residents took the time to listen to me and I'm really excited to continue my healing journey in his hands. Aside from just being great doctors, bedside manner was excellent; I felt very comfortable. Highly highly recommend this practice.

» Alice H.

This is my third soccer related injury and the third time I have seen Dr Saper. His staff is fantastic and very accommodating. Dr. Saper is very thorough and diligent when looking at options and not always eager to cut you open. His education accolades speak for themselves and bedside manner is always on point. I would recommend Dr. Saper to all athletes who never want to stop playing the sports they love.

» Camilo F.

I thought the entire staff was incredibly friendly and warm, it was a very positive experience. Definitely will work with Dr. Sapel again and appreciated his colleagues and staff immensely.

» Sharon W.

Overall, very informative. X-Rays and treatment were quite quick

» Vikram S.

Fast X-rays and Doctor visit. Great experience!

Dr Sapor is exceptional ly knowledgeable & highly informed about the latest research as it applies clinically. He is warm, friendly, kind! He’s the best orthopedic surgeon I have met.

» Mary H.

Dr. Saper was great. Excellent communicator and very down-to-earth to talk to. The only issue I had was that I waited for more than 30 minutes roughly. But this shouldn't be an issue to not go visit this med office. Thanks Dr. Saper!

» Vlad H.

Kind, knew his stuff

» Ross F.

Dr. Saper was professional and showed a great attention to detail. He explained everything concerning my condition very well and left me with a feeling that if I need anything else I am encouraged to contact him.

Very knowledgeable!!

» Han Y.

Dr. Super is a great doctor. I consulted him for some pain in my fingers. I appreciated his knowledge and most importantly his willingness to explain to you all potential hypotheses patiently.

» Amit G.

Great experience. In and out with paperwork, x-rays, speaking to Dr Saper, and paying, all in just 30 min. Special thanks to Ania for really capturing that bone chip in all it’s broken glory on the x-ray.

» Douglas B.

Doctor Saper is the best! Amazing surgery without complications.

» Samantha P.

Very knowledgeable! Super friendly and great surgeon. On my way to recovery now from an Achilles tear. Highly recommed.

» Luiz G.

Dr. Saper was professional and knowledgeable. He was able to see me as a new patient on short notice. Xrays were taken in the office and there is a parking lot available. Very happy Zocdoc recommended him.

» Lindsey L.

The office staff was very friendly and I was seen on time. Dr. Saper was very thorough in his explanation of what is going on with me, even drawing a little diagram of the muscles surrounding my spine to give me a clearer understanding. 10 out of 10; would recommend.

» Colleen F

The doctor was great! Very informative. The front desk seemed like they were all over the place. Not very organized.

» Nicole B

Only waited about 10 minutes so I got in fairly fast. Did a great job of explaining the surgery and the next steps.

» Julie H

Dr. Saper was excellent. I really liked his bed side manners. He listened to me patiently, walked me through my x-rays and the treatment options. I highly recommend him. My only complaint with the entire appointment was with the staff upfront. They were confused about my insurance for some reason and insisted that I pay the full amount vs. just the co-pay. However, the office manager called up 30 minutes later and refunded the extra amount I paid. So, all was well.

» Lalith D.

He's great! Very thorough and knowledgable! Highly recommended!!

» Fatima Z.

I visited Dr. Saper to follow up on an injury I sustained while traveling in Southeast Asia. His team was professional and thorough, and Dr. Saper was able to create a treatment plan quickly and communicate what I needed to do with exceptional clarity. Plus, he's friendly - which I always find helps me immensely when I'm meeting a doctor for the first time.

» Marcelo G.

He is a very good Doctor.

» Ma G S.

I came back to Dr. Saper to have my left foot examined after a fall down the stairs. I made this appointment very last minute, and they got me in right away. Everyone in his office is so polite and accommodating, and his bedside manor is simply delightful! I very highly recommend him.

» Heather S.

The DR and his staff were very professional and punctual.

» Camilo F.

Great staff and really honest opinion.

» Piotr P.

Another great visit with Dr. Saper - made a last minute appointment but was able to get in and get my knee looked at. Moving forward with next steps now.

» Thomas G.

All the staffers at doctor Saper's office were very helpful and professional. When I showed up they had the zoc-doc forms all ready to go already filled out. The office is like a one stop shop with what seems to be a great environment with many qualified specialists and support staff. I needed x-rays so they were done right there in the office and instantly available. They were also connected to a physical therapy center so I scheduled some physical therapy right there. After looking at the X-rays, performing some range of motion tests, and the series of questions, Dr. Saper was able to diagnose me. He prescribed some treatments that already seem to be making a difference. Over all it was definitely worth booking an appointment.

» Loren S.

He was very friendly!

» James S.

It was great. I was able to get an appt pretty quick and I enjoyed the process. Everyone was very nice.

» Samantha T.

I was able to schedule with ease, in a very timely appointment, within days of issue. Dr Saper was friendly, knowledgeable, and addressed my issues. I left confident that I am on a path to recovery.

» Brad A.

Dr. Saper was super straightforward and helpful. He explained exactly what the issues were with my hand injury and laid out a recovery plan. He made me feel completely comfortable and confident that the recovery would go smoothly. I have another appt in a couple of weeks and I look forward to seeing him again.

» Zain Y.

Was able to fit me in that day. Diagnosed me quickly and got me on my way. A successful appointment.

» Matthew L.

Dr. Saper was very informative. Answered all our questions. I took my 12 year old son. He said he felt very comfortable with Dr. Saper. I highly recommend him. The office was very professional.

» Luis R.

Dr. Saper was awesome. I waited a bit in the waiting room but once I was taken into a room he did not make me wait long. He was personable and friendly. He took the time to explain what was going on with me in very simple language so that I was clearly able to understand. I would definitely recommend him.

» Emily G.

Dr. Saper needs to move practices. He is a terrific doctor with a great bedside manner he is open to listening to his patients and has their best interests in mind. However the personal that run the practice lack the correct attitude to work in the healthcare industry. I am fully insured with great healthcare, and this practice is a preferred provider. They would not let me leave unless I paid for all services (copay & X-rays) before I left, telling me my insurance covered nothing. Turns out my insurance covered 80% of my visit and I am stilling battling their department. on reimbursement I also requested my medical records, which any patient is legally allowed to do. It took them over the 30 day legal limit to provide these records; even after following through every 3-5 days. Doubling Billing, Attitude & In ability to follow though on communication. There are plenty of other options in the Chicagoland. Do not work with this practice if you have the choice, I leaned my lesson the hard way.

» Chris F.

This is tough - let me start out by saying Dr. Saper was AMAZING. He spent a lot of time answering my questions, I felt like he actually listened to me and wasn't rushed and he seemed to be very thorough. I would recommend Dr. Saper to anyone and everyone as a doctor, I would not recommend his practice (hence my 'maybe' answer). Here's the tough part - his staff is the worst. When they called me to confirm my appointment, I asked if I could email them my records as I was coming for a second opinion, she said no due to HIPAA, I said I didn't think that sounded right, she said she would ask and call me right back. She never did. I had to call the next morning, was on hold over 15 minutes and was finally told that I could email the records. When I came in the office everyone seemed really disorganized. They sent me for xrays, but when I asked the nurse why, she had no idea (xrays made no sense for my visit). The worst was the girl who handled my follow up scheduling and check-out. She was rude, continually rolled her eyes when I asked questions and ended up throwing my follow-up papers at me because she got frustrated. I have since called with a question and the lady on the phone (maybe the same one) had such an attitude and ultimately, my question wasn't answered. I'm really torn as I thought Dr. Saper was great and I am confident he can help me, but his staff made me quite uncomfortable and question whether or not I want to go back to his office. :(

» Lindsey Z.

Listened to all my concerns and answered all my questions patiently. Didn't rush me through the consultation, which I appreciate.

» Surya G.

Dr. Saper was very informative when diagnosing my knee pain. He answered all of my questions in great detail and offered a clear treatment plan - all while squeezing me in the same day I made the appointment!

» Matthew L.

My visit with Dr. Saper was a good one. He was very professional, kind, encouraging, and apologetic about the wait time.

» Maria D W.

Friendly staff and doc. Overall mostly painless experience!

» Lindsey A.

Dr. Saper was great. Talked through all possibilities of the injury. Worked through some options of treatment and next steps and was incredibly patient. Highly recommended.

» Daniel B.

Dr. Saper genuinely expressed care in solving my problem throughout our appointment. He identified a solution and had me feeling much better about my wrist injury after educating me on the diagnosis. I highly recommend Dr. Saper to anyone with a sports injury or orthopedic issues.

» Joseph M.

Great Doctor! First time meeting Dr. S. Very straightforward/professional, not feeding me a bunch of B.S. I highly recommend Dr. S.!!!!

» Eric T.

Personable but to the point. Informative.

» Diana E.

They made everything here easy and fast for the patient. Dr. Saper is an amazing doctor, who treated my knee injury. He is a very nice doctor and I would highly recommend to him to anyone. Thank you doctor.

» Hussein E.

Dr. Saper and his staff are amazing. I was looking for a Sports Medicine specialist to see after suffering exertion headaches I started following a recent fitness competition. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. After having X-Rays taken and ruling out any underlying issues, he knew right away what to prescribe and carefully explained to me why he was prescribing each medication and wrote his email on his business card to reach out to him if I had any follow up questions. He was very friendly and I probably didn't have a total wait period of more than 5 minutes for all my combined time in the lobby, waiting on the X_Ray technician, waiting on the doctor, paying, etc. I was in and out in no time. The paperwork for my initial visit was not burdensome either. It took less than 5 minutes. I'm actually going to see about switching and making him my primary care physician after this visit. I scheduled my visit on Zocdoc the after midnight the night before my morning. Some places in the past have told me to call first, because Zocdoc isn't always up-to-date with their scheduling times. Glad to see that's not an issue with this office.

» Jesse S.

I was seen and treated quickly. Polite and thorough in our discussion.

» Lenny P.

They are very efficient here. I was the last appointment of the day and Dr. Saper was willing to stay in order to help. The accommodation was greatly appreciated.

» Daniel S.

I am highly encouraged by the care plan for my whiplash neck injury outlined by Dr. Saper and his assistants. He is highly professional, kind, and to the point. Looking forward to the PT sessions that he set up for me. Hoping for results!

» Evan M.

Top Quality

» Brian F.

Friendly office staff, Dr Saper

» Lucianne W.

Dr saper seems knowledgeable and not eager to just go in and fix with surgery which lately it seems every doctor wants to do. We still don't know exactly what my injury is but wants me to try anti inflammatories and then have a follow up combined with physical therapy. He was calm and good at explaining what could be happening and treatment plan.

» Maria C.

Dr. Super was great! Very friendly and easy going. He checked out out my broken toe without poking or pulling on it too much and had me fitted in a new walking boot within the half hour. He made sure I had his direct contact information in case I had any questions or concerns before my next x ray. Would definitely recommend!

» Jennifer D.

Dr David Saper was incredibly professional and engaged. He listened to all I had to say, and offered me multiple choices for my treatment of my fractured ulna. I highly recommend Dr David Saper.

» Alexandra N

He's a great doctor and a pleasure to be around. He's extremely knowledgeable and I would refer him to everyone I know. Overall great guy

» Stanley S.

He was thorough with the exam and explained his diagnosis. He also took the time to answer my questions.

» Erick F.

I was seen right away, which as well all know is the big "unknown" going to any doctor appointment. Then, the doctor was extremely knowledgeable AND helpful. He cared for me like I've been his patient for years and helped me save money on a purchase of crutches! 30 dollars off! Between the high quality of care and high quality of treatment, I would definitely recommend Dr Saper to anyone!

» Ashley P.

Excellent, highly recommended. X-rays, consultation took about 30 minutes. Diagnosed me right away, fixed me up and I was out of there.

» Michael M.

I was extremely pleased. They were,very efficient and made me,feel welcome and not rushed. My opinions,and thoughts mattered in the process.

» Daniel S.

Dr. Saper and his staff were so caring and patient. I highly recommend the office.

» Nyameche Q.

Dr. Saper and the rest of his staff were very polite and informative.

» Kristin J.

From the front desk staff, to Dr. Saper himself, I was really impressed with my initial visit and consultation. My x-rays were super quick, and I didn't have to wait at all before Dr. Saper came in to check me out. He was really thorough, and made me a drawing of the problem he was seeing on my x-rays to help me understand. He was totally down to earth and had an excellent bedside manner, sitting down in the patient/guest chair across from me a couple of times and taking time to explain all the treatment options and where he recommended we start. Looking forward to my follow up this week to go over my MRI results!

» Laurel P.

Dr Saper was fantastic. There was no wait time. X-rays were taken right in the office. Dr Saper took the time to explain everything in detail and various treatment options allowing me to make an informed decision that was right for me.

» Virginia M.

Dr Saper is very knowledgeable and really took the time to explain my injury and recovery process to me. He has a wonderful bedside manner and makes you feel comfortable from the minute he walks in the room. I highly recommend Dr Saper and am glad that I found such a great specialist!

» Katrina K.

Dr. Saper and his staff have been incredible from the beginning. I had X-rays, an MRI, knee surgery and physical therapy with his office. They are incredibly efficient, kind and timely with everything. I highly recommend Dr. Saper and his staff!

» Dustin M.

Very thorough discussion, sat to answer questions, discussed potential treatment plans, etc. Very personable and thorough.

» Tami C.

Dr. Saper is very kind and professional. He was very thorough in explaining my X-Rays and what would be needed to deal with my issue, including recovery time. I appreciated his candor and efficiency. My appointment including wait time and Xrays was under an hour. The facility is nice, just north of Lincoln Square easily accessed by the Western bus and plenty of parking. . There are doctors rooms, XRay rooms as well as a physical therapy room/gym.

» Mary O.

Dr. Saper was completely focused and interested in making sure he understood my concerns, before trying to answer my questions. This is crucial in the search for a doctor in the midst of a health crisis. I have such appreciation for him and his entire staff. Every team member of this practice has their patients' comfort as a priority, and they each work together to make a new visit as smooth as possible.

» Heather S.

Dr. Saper was very attentive and listened to my issues. I would definitely see him again.

» Valery L.

Dr. Super is the best!!!! Gave me a thorough exam, XRay. Very patient and informative - the whole staff were very professional. I would definitely recommend Dr. Super to everyone!!!!

» Roshell L

I lucked out in my search for an ortho. I went with Dr. Saper based on his education and reviews. He has a fantastic bedside manner. He seems genuinely concerned with the patient and I would highly recommend him.

» Erin M.

Needed to see Dr. right away. They squeezed me in. Took my symptoms seriously. Treated me thoroughly. Very satisfied.

» Rebecca R.

Dr. Saper is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and thorough. Also, the office staff is very friendly. Highly recommended!

» Joseph F.

Dr. Saper was knowledgeable and courteous, and helped me put together the next steps in treatment for my knee issues. Loved the convenience of being able to book the appt via Zocdoc.

» Thomas G.

A bit of wait time, but I'm a new patient so all the forms and what not. A bit of wait is to be expected in such instances. All the staff was really friendly and falling over themselves to help you. Dr Saper was very pleasant listened well and described patient plans and diagnoses in a very professional manner. Impressed with service and staff and will return.

» Michael L.

Dr. Saper was excellent. He takes the time to make you feel relaxed and that he is genuinely concerned with your condition. He explains thoroughly what his analysis is and does it with great knowledge and skill

» Maurice F.

I had a wonderful visit with Dr. Saper & his team (Vincent) during my visit earlier today. Dr. Saper & his team have a wonderful bedside manner and helped make me feel at ease in discussing my injury and any concerns I expressed. I highly, highly recommend.

» Lindsey S.

I went to Dr. Saper to get a second opinion on a labrum tear last October. He spends a long time explaining everything to me and discussing my options. He was very patient and answered all my questions. I can highly recommend him.

» Larissa A.